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Does a DUI Affect my Insurance Rates?

If you’ve ever received a DUI or DWI, you know that it is a challenging experience to go through. A DUI or DWI on your driving record can mean that you’ll end up paying for it for years after your legal problems have been over.

DUIs Show Up on Driving Records

Depending on what state you live in, if you’ve received a DUI, it can stay on your record for many years.  This means that auto insurance companies will be able to see that you have received a DUI along with any other driving infractions (speeding tickets, reckless driving, accidents, etc).

DUIs Can be Seen as “High Risk”

Insurance companies assess the risk involved for each driver they insure.  The number of infractions one has against themselves raises the amount of “risk” that the insurance company thinks you’ll be.  Insurance companies typically charge more for high risk drivers.

Some insurance companies will not insure “high risk” drivers with DUIs on their record. Vern Fonk Insurance in Washington and Oregon will find you an insurance policy no matter what your driving history looks like.  We are able to find the cheapest rates for “high risk” drivers with DUIs or DWIs on their records.

Vern Fonk Insurance specializes in the “high risk” car insurance market.  We believe everyone deserves a second chance and that they should be able to get insurance at an affordable price.

Call us if you have any other questions about DUIs or DWIs on your record. We can find you the cheapest car insurance rates today!

Retired Cars

Fashion styles come and go.  What’s “in” one season is “out” the next.  The same is pretty true for cars.  Some cars are American classics and will stand the test of time (like the corvette or Mustang), but most will have their time in the sun and quickly fade away.  It’s fun to take a look back on vehicles we’ve seen come and go.  We’ve listed a few models that had their time but have been sadly discontinued:

Mercedes R-Class
Mercedes has always been known for it’s luxurious, upscale, classy cars and SUVs.  The word “mini-van” doesn’t really fit into this category.  Mercedes tried their hand in disguising the mini van as a luxury SUV, but it really just ended up looking like a minivan! At over $50,000 it was an expensive stretch that most soccer moms were just not willing to take. In 2012 they discontinued them.  If you’re dead set on buying one, you can still find hundreds of new vehicles unsold on Mercedes’ lots across the US.

Saab 9-7x
Saab, known for it small zippy cars, tried their hand in the SUV business with the 9-7x.  It looked almost identical to the Chevy TrailBlazer, and the only thing that read “Saab” about it was the logo on the back.  The car was priced too high for the value and failed miserably in sales leading to a quick and painful discontinuation.

Ford Crown Victoria
When you see a Ford Crown Victoria, one of 2 words come to mind: cop or cab.  These cars were used for years as police vehicles and cabs in cities across the United States.  The Crown Victoria is known for its reliability and toughness.  You can purchase a used one and expect it to last you a while.  It was discontinued in 2012.

Honda Element
The Honda Element was a popular car for outdoor enthusiasts and dog owners because of it’s dynamic interior arrangements.  This unique boxy mobile was one of the first of it’s shape and size.  Bikes can be placed inside, standing straight up along with kayaks and all your camping gear.  The Element’s design didn’t change much in the 9 years it was being produced which opened up the hole for competitors to create their updated versions of the small “boxy” SUV.

These are only a few samples of the recently discontinued car and SUV models from US motor companies.  Car insurance rates on these vehicles won’t change just because they have been discontinued, and owners of these vehicles and others will still need good auto insurance policies that can help cover them in the event of an accident. Speak to a Vern Fonk Insurance representative today about finding cheap car insurance in Washington or Oregon today!


General Liability Insurance For Your Business

General liability insurance is extremely important for any business in Washington or Oregon. It can help keep your doors open and money coming in if an accident were to happen or if your business was involved in a lawsuit.

General business liability insurance is the main component in any well balanced commercial insurance package. It protects you from the most common risks businesses face, lawsuits and medical expenses. Today, when business are being sued left and right for every little thing, any little accident or mishap can cause someone to sue your business, costing you thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and taking time away from your and your business.

Coverage amounts for general liability insurance vary, and are determined on many different factors. Depending on what industry you are in, your type of business, where you are located, what equipment you use, and how many employees you have, your premium for liability insurance could go up or down.

Working with a licensed commercial insurance agent is extremely important if you are shopping around for a good policy. An experienced insurance agent can help you find the right amount of coverage at the right cost for your business.

Call a Vern Fonk Insurance Agency center near you today to get the best rates on Commercial insurance in Washington and Oregon.

Rock n Roll Cars

Rock ‘n Roll and cool cars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Many musicians are avid classic car collectors. Here’s a list of some rock legends with bad-to-the-bone rides:

Image source: HALEN

Michael Anthony, the bass player for Van Halen has a collection of classic hot rods. They include a custom flame painted 1933 Ford Roadster, a 1957 Chevy Nomad, a super charged 1969 Shelby GT500 and two vintage Ferraris. All of his rides are custom built and restored.

Image Source: MAC

Co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood has a passion for the older classic cars. He owns a fully restored Austin 7 and uses it regularly on the streets of Maui, Hawaii, where he currently lives. He’s also previously owned a classic Ferrari.

Image Source: JOEL

Billy Joel is known for his love of bikes. He is an avid motorcycle driver and has a huge collection mostly containing modified and restored classic cafe racers. He has had some major public motorcycle accidents in his past that caused him injuries to his hands which led him to relearn how to play the piano. Billy know owns a motorcycle company in a small New York town.

While these rockers may love collecting cars, they are not immune to having to purchase car insurance. Each car they purchase needs a good car insurance policy on it to protect it in case of accidents or theft. Luckily they can go to Vern Fonk insurance to get the best car insurance rates no matter what their driving history may be (Billy Joel, we’re talking about you here!). We offer great rates on all types of cars, whether they’re classic restored beauties, expensive muscle cars, or just your average mini van, we’ve got a competitive auto insurance policy for you!