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Homeowner’s Policy Concern

If you’re shopping around for a good homeowner’s insurance policy there are a lot of things to consider. Many times you’ll have to make compromises or trade-offs. When looking around, it’s a good idea to look at the whole perspective of your homeowner’s insurance needs and make adjustments if needed. We have broken down the top 3 major considerations people have when purchasing home insurance.

Higher Coverage VS Lower Cost

This one is typically the biggest dilemma homeowners will mill over in their minds when looking for the right hazard insurance policy. Obviously, the more coverage you purchase, the higher the premium costs will be on your insurance policy.  The first thing you need to establish when deciding which one to go with is how much coverage your home really needs.  Many times the coverage amount will not be up to you (if you have a mortgage).  Talk to your insurance agent to determine just how much insurance coverage you will need and go from there.

High Deductible VS Lower Premium on Your Policy

Many people have a tough time deciding which way they’d rather go on this one.  You can actually save a lot of money monthly if you go with the higher deductible route, but you better be sure to have enough in your savings account to cover the deductible in case something were to happen, or the whole policy wouldn’t be worth it.  You should never choose the higher deductible if you cannot easily pay for it if it comes time to pay a claim.  As always, you should go over your deductible/premium options with your insurance agent before you just accept the offer they give you.

Other Coverages

Most people don’t realize that many basic homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover everything and that optional coverages can be purchased for other situations.  It’s always a good idea to explore additional options for coverage with your insurance agent especially if your home is unique or if you have many valuables that would exceed the current amount of coverage your policy has (if you have expensive electronics, jewelry, artwork, collectibles, etc.). Also, if you have a trampoline, pool, a pet, or live by water it is a good idea to consider purchasing additional liability insurance.


Spring Break Cars

Spring Break isn’t just for college kids anymore.  More and more working people are enjoying time off during spring, and we think they deserve it.

So if you’re thinking about heading somewhere consider these vehicles, our top Vacation Vehicles of 2013:

  1. jeepJeep Wrangler - Nothing says summer like cruising the streets with the top off in a Jeep Wrangler.  Many summer movies and movie stars sport this sporty off road vehicle.  Whether your rolling down the busy boulevard or camping on a sandy beach, the Jeep Wrangler screams laid back and ready to party.
  2. suburban Suburban -Some families can’t afford to go to the beach or somewhere far away. That is why this Chevy staple is on our list.  Road trips are often a spring break tradition for many families, and a Suburban is the ultimate road trip car.  Spacious enough for most families, and everyone gets enough room to comfortably ride wherever the road takes you.
  3. Businessman on MopedVespa -There’s something about riding a Vespa (or any scooter, moped, or motorcycle for that matter) that takes you to another world.  It makes you see the world in a whole new light, even if it’s your hometown. The wind rushing through your hair and the feeling of being outdoors is like no other.
  4. Female Friends in CarConvertible -Nothing says “carefree” like a convertible. Whether it’s a Mustang, BMW, or even a MINI Cooper, riding with the top down is a great way to get to your spring break vacation.

Everybody needs a break every once in a while, even if it’s not during the typical “Spring Break” time period.  So cash in that paid time off and hit the road, drive safely, and as always, “Remember to Honk When You Drive By Vern Fonk!”.

Do You Need A SR-22 Auto Insurance Policy Certificate?

Chances are if you’ve never heard of SR22 car insurance, you probably don’t need it. You only need SR22 insurance if you have been required to get it by the state you live in.  You will get a notice requiring you to obtain a SR 22 certificate in order to get your driving privileges reinstated.  So if you haven’t received notice, you probably don’t need it.


SR22 isn’t actually insurance coverage.  It’s a certificate of insurance that is filed with the state that proves that you indeed have the correct (required) amount of auto insurance.


There are many reasons a state could require you to get SR 22 insurance.  Usually it is required because a driver has something on their record that eludes to not having adequate car insurance coverage.

Reasons authorities could require a SR22:

  • Driver caught driving without insurance
  • Driver has DUI, DWI or other major offense (or multiple)
  • Driver has a major moving violation on record
  • Driver in accident and at fault with inadequate liability coverage
  • License suspended or revoked for any reason
  • Multiple tickets and/or accidents on record


The only way to get SR22 Certificates is by going to your insurance provider.  It is a good idea to find an insurance provider that specializes in this type of insurance as they can get it done quickly and accurately.

There is a lot of information about SR22 insurance that many people don’t know.  As always, it’s best to ask you insurance agent if you need to carry this certificate and go over all of your options.