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Vern Fonk Featured on Web Soup!

One of our commercials was featured on Web Soup, a show about hilarious, outrageous, and weird clips on the web!  Check it out:

They thought our commercial about Auto Insurance was odd… what do you think?!

Here’s a link to our original commercial:

What is Collision Insurance?

crashMany people have trouble really understanding what the terms in their auto insurance policy actually mean.  Collision coverage is one that many insurance agents explain to their clients, because it is one of the main components of a good policy.

Collision coverage is what pays for damage to an insured vehicle when it hits or is hit by another car or object, and also if the car overturns. Many times collision insurance is optional, but most lien holders (banks that hold your car’s loan) require you to carry some collision coverage.

Collision insurance covers damages to your car, not the other car or object involved.  It will cover your damages if you were the cause of the accident, or if the other person involved didn’t have enough coverage.

Collision coverage is always a great option, even if you are a very cautious driver.  It can help pay for damages if you hit a tree or telephone pole, or can help cover costs if you get into an accident where no one wants to admit fault, which can lead to lengthy battles in subrogation.

The amount of collision coverage you would need varies from car to car and from driver to driver.  It is always best to talk with a expert car insurance agent to figure out how much coverage you would need and how much your premium will cost you.  Vern Fonk insurance agents can help you determine how much coverage you will need, and what your deductible and premiums will cost you.  Call us today!

Comprehensive Auto Insurance: What is Covered?


When looking for the right auto insurance, you have many options.  Policies can come with liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and even towing and labor charge coverage.  Many people get confused about what these types of coverages are, and what they mean.  The most commonly misunderstood is comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is the part of a car insurance policy that covers damage not caused by a collision or upset.  Comprehensive coverage amounts vary from policy to policy and some cover certain situations while others do not. Examples of events that are covered in most comprehensive auto insurance policies are:

  • hailExtreme Weather Conditions: Damage from hail, high winds, and flooding to your vehicle. Comprehensive auto insurance can cover the cost of repairs and labor.
  • Theft: If your car is stolen or vandalized, comprehensive auto insurance can help cover the costs of locating, damage done to the car, or possessions taken from your car from theives.
  • Deer's HeadAnimal Damage: If you were to strike an animal with your car (most commonly, a deer), comprehensive coverage policies can help pay for the damages.
  • Trees or Falling Objects: If an item falls on your car and causes damage, a comprehensive insurance policy can help pay for damages.
  • rockchipRock Chips: Many comprehensive insurance plans cover the cost of repairs from a rock chip or can even pay for a full windshield replacement.

As you can see, having a good comprehensive insurance policy can come in handy for unexpected car related problems. Depending on what your deductible is, comprehensive insurance can save you some serious cash if any of the covered situations were to occur.

As always, it is a good idea to go over your current car insurance policy with a licensed and experienced insurance agent to make sure you are fully covered and can drive down the road feeling safe and secure. Ask a Vern Fonk Insurance agent today to help you look at comprehensive auto insurance for your car!

Do You Really Know What’s Inside Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

Most home owning Americans have a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover their backs in case something were to happen.  Many home owner’s, unfortunately, don’t know exactly what is covered and what is not in their policies.  Do you know what you’d be covered for if disaster or accidents were to strike?

Flood Insurance Coverage

Most new homeowner’s do not realize that a basic homeowner’s insurance policy typically does not cover flood damage.  Flood coverage should be purchased along with a good homeowner’s policy, especially if you live in Washington or Oregon.  With most basic home insurance (aka Hazard Insurance) policies, you can claim damages from a leak in your roof, or a broken pipe, but any damage caused by rising water is typically not covered.  This includes flash flooding damage, hurricane flood damage, or rivers backing up and overflowing.  Make sure you get your home covered from any of these wet damaging situations.

Liability Coverage

A typical home owner’s insurance policy has some liability coverage.  The coverage will pay for medical bills and court fees in the case of someone pressing charges for an injury that occurred on your property.  What many home owner’s don’t realize is that the coverage in many policies isn’t adequate for their needs.   Many people require more liability coverage because of some of the features that come along with their house.  If you own a swimming pool, have a trampoline, live on a lake or river, or even if you own certain types of dogs, more coverage may be needed due to the higher risks.  It is important to speak with a trusted and experienced insurance agent to figure out how much coverage you may need to protect yourself in the future.

These are only a few examples of common things most home owner’s do not realize when it comes to home insurance.  It’s important to know what you are paying for in your homeowner’s insurance (HOI Insurance) policy.  Educate yourself on what coverages you may need and if you’ll need to purchase more to protect you in the future.

Super Bowl Car Showdown

footballWith Super Bowl XLVII approaching on Sunday, everyone is breaking down and comparing every aspect of both teams.  We thought, aside from football, what team has the coolest collection of cars?  We did some research and found two major players from each team and broke down what cars they drive.  You decide who takes home the trophy in our Super Bowl Car Showdown!

sfSan Francisco 49ers

Vernon Davis, the 49ers tight end, owns two white Cadillac Escalades.  One of them is the EXT with the truck bed while the other is the regular model.  Both have custom pimped out grilles and wheels.  This Pro Bolwer also owns a red Dodge Challenger with white stripes to show his support for his team.

Patrick Willis, the 49ers middle linebacker is considered the backbone of the ruthless 9er defense.  Outside of football, Patrick has quite the collection of pricey vehicles.  He has a DB9 Aston Martin, a 750i, a Mercedes CL63 and a classic Shelby Mustang.

ravensBaltimore Ravens

Ray Rice, the Raven’s running back is considered “small” for the football world.  For what he lacks in size, he makes up for in agility and speed. This is also true for his car, a Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Jimmy Smith, the Raven’s cornerback drives a car that drives smoothly, no matter what the terrain may be.  He owns a Land Rover Range Rover HSE.  This luxurious SUV is guaranteed to get him to the game on time no matter what gets in the way.