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Vern Fonk can help you find the best homeowner’s insurance policies in the entire Tacoma WA area. Many people know Vern Fonk for their funny car insurance ads, but most don’t know that we also specialize in home owner’s policies. We work with hundreds of insurance companies nationally and locally to find the best rates for everyone. You can fill out a homeowner insurance quote request online or give us a call now to get a free quote.

Homeowner’s insurance could be the best investment you ever make. There are so many reasons you should buy it. Most people are required to have homeowners policies (most mortgage companies require minimum coverages), but everyone should have it just-in-case.

Not all homeowner’s insurance policies are created equal. Many cover some situations where others do not. It is always a good idea to go through your policy and ask a qualified and certified insurance agent what scenarios would be covered and which ones would not. This way, you can be sure to be covered for anything life might throw your way.

Types of Homeowner’s Insurance

These are a few examples of the types of home owner’s policies we can offer:

  • Single Family Homeowners Policies
  • Condo Policies
  • Townhome Policies
  • Rental Property Insurance Policies
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Mobile Home or RV Policies
  • Farm and Ranch Homeowner’s Policies

Homeowners Insurance in Tacoma

In Tacoma, you never know what mother nature will be thowing at you. The weather here changes so quickly. A tree could fall on your house, or lightning could strike in the blink of an eye. It is best to be prepared for the worst. Damage from a natural disaster, fire or theft can deplete you entire life savings in the matter of an instant.

Homeowners insurance policies can protect the structure of a home from damage caused by fire, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes or theft. Keep your life savings for something else! Do you know how much of your home is covered an emergency were to take place?

Many people forget that the items inside your home need to be insured too. Large appliances, like refridgerators or ovens can cost a fortune. Replacing the furniture, electronics (tvs, stereos, etc), jewelry, and family heirlooms could set you back thousands if you were to be robbed or if something caught on fire. Vern Fonk always advises their customers to get an insurance policy to cover the major items in their houses.

Most homeowner’s policies cover up to 100 percent of the value of the house at market value, and sometimes cover even more if the home needs to be rebuilt. Natural disasters, fire and theft usually happen when you are not expecting them, and that is exactly why the safety net of a great homeowner’s can help you get through these tough and surprising times.

Liability Protection for Your Home

Homeowner’s insurance can also protect you from bodily harm. Many policies will protect you from lawsuits from someone who has been injured at your home. These policies will protect you if you, someone living in your house, or an object injures a guest on the property. These homeowner’s policies will cover the hospital, doctors and lawyer’s bills if someone were to sue you. Most policies come with $100,000 coverage against a problem, but there are many options to purchase more protection if you believe it is needed.

As you can see, homeowner’s insurance is extremely important. Having the proper coverage to protect you, your loved ones, your treasured blongings, your home, and your guest should be a high priority. Speak with a Vern Fonk Homeowner’s Specialist today to see if your policy is the right one for your home.

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