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Homeowner’s Insurance Seattle
Homeowner’s Insurance in Seattle, WA

In Seattle, protecting your home is a must. With the winter storms, potential earthquakes, rain and flooding, fires and theft it’s critical to have the right homeowner’s insurance policy to protect your most valuable assets. Vern Fonk in Seattle Homeowner’s Insurance will make sure you are protect with the right home insurance policy.

Fill out a quote form online or call a licensed Vern Fonk home insurance agent in Seattle. At Vern Fonk, be assured that you will be getting the right homeowner’s insurance policy you need.

Homeowner’s and Property Insurance in Seattle

What we offer at our Seattle insurance agency:

  • Condominium Insurance
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Mobile Home/RV
  • Rental Property Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Townhome Insurance
  • Vacant property Insurance
  • Valuable Personal Property

Home Insurance, Explained

p>Homeowner’s insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to protect your most prized possesions. Homeowners policies cover damage to a property in case of fire, theft, and natural disasters. Home insurance can also cover the injuries sustained to anyone inside the home during an emergency. There are many different types of coverages and each plan covers different situations.

Not everyone’s house is built the same, and that means that their homeowners policies shouldn’t be the same too. Some people will need different things covered in their policies while others don’t. This is why it is so important to discuss your homeowner’s insurance with a qualified agent.

Vern Fonk Insurance Seattle Agents are qualified and certified. They know all there is to know about home insurance and can help you find a policy that works for you and your family. They’ll help you pick out a homeowner’s policy as well as flood and earthquake insurance.

Most homeowner’s know that the company that holds their mortgage will require the home to be insured. What they don’t know is that the minimum requirements these mortgage companies have for homeowner’s insurance usually isn’t enough to cover all the things that could go wrong in an emergency. It is important to go through your policy documents with a professional insurance agent to make sure you will be covered.

Reasons You need Homeowner’s Insurance in Seattle

There are many reasons you need insurance for your home. Most of the time you won’t realize what they are until it is too late. Keep in mind these reasons as you think about your house:

  • If you don’t have adequate insurance coverage, and there was a fire, or another natural disaster, you would have to come up with the money to fix the damages. This can really add up. If you are properly insured, it is important to keep in mind what your deductibles are in case something happens, and if you could afford it at the drop of a hat.
  • If there was an accident in your home and someone was injured, the right insurance policy with proper medical and liablilty coverage could cover you from having to pay the expensive doctor or emergency room bills.
  • One of the most common reasons people need homeowner’s insurance is to protect them from theft. Large appliances and electronics are usually the target of thieves, and keeping the contents in your home insured will help you from having to pay out of pocket to replace these items.

It is important to remember that Homeowner’s insurance isn’t there for everyday fixes or routine maintenance. Home insurance is there to cover you if there is a qualified emergency.

Talk to a Vern Fonk Agent today to see what you need to do to be sure your home, valuables, and loved ones are properly covered.

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