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Homeowner’s Insurance Port Angeles
Port Angeles, WA Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is a type of insurance that can help cover the cost of damage to your home in the case of some emergencies. It is also called hazard insurance or HOI insurance. A good home insurance policy is very important to anyone who owns a home in Port Angeles, WA. It can help save you thousands of dollars if a disaster or accident were to strike.

Vern Fonk insurance agents can help you find the right homeowner’s insurance policy for your home and budget. Most mortgage companies require you to hold an insurance policy on your house, but even if you’ve got your home paid off, a good homeowner’s insurance policy is something everyone should have.

Home Owner Policy Types in Port Angeles

Here are some of the basic homeowner’s insurance policy types that we offer at our Port Angeles branch:

Homeowner’s insurance
Townhome insurance
Condominium insurance
Farm insurance
Mobile home insurance
RV insurance
Personal Property Insurance
Renters insurance
Liability insurance

Home Insurance in Port Angeles

A balanced homeowner’s insurance policy is one of the greatest investments a home owner can make. It protects you from losses due to some covered disasters. Damage to your home can be expensive to fix and typically comes at a time when you least expect it and are less prepared than you’d hope to be. A good home owner’s policy in Port Angeles covers both property insurance, which covers the structure and contents of your home, as well as liability insurance, which covers any accidents that happen on the property involving people.

Most basic home insurance policies cover damage from:

Fire, theft, volcanoes, windstorm, hail, and fallen trees.

It is important to go over your policy with an agent to see if your home should need other coverages. For example, if you live in an area where a flood or earthquake is plausible, you may want to look at purchasing additional floor insurance or earthquake insurance.

Most basic homeowner’s insurance policies come with standard liability insurance coverage. It is typically around $100,000 worth of coverage. It would help cover the costs of any medical or legal fees resulting from an accident on your property. Depending on your home and guest situation you may want to think about increasing your coverage amount (especially if you own a pet, trampoline, swimming pool or live on a body or water).

You never know when disasters or accidents can strike and having the warm blanket of a good homeowner’s insurance policy to take care of you during these tough and stressful times can mean the world of difference. Avoid all of these nasty scenarios today by purchasing a well balance home insurance policy and cover yourself, your home and your loved ones from unforeseen misfortunes.

Call us today for a fast free homeowner’s insurance quote in Port Angeles, WA!

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