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Homeowner’s Insurance Kirkland
Homeowner’s Insurance Agency Kirkland, WA

Homeowner’s insurance in Kirkland, WA is essential for every home owner in the area. A good home insurance policy can help save you thousands of dollars if a disaster, accident or theft were to take place. Most people in the Kirkland area know that we are experts in the auto insurance industry but don’t know that Vern Fonk also specializes in homeowner’s insurance policies.

Many experts say that a good homeowner’s insurance policy could be one of the best investments home owner’s can make. Many people are required to have a policy by their mortgage company, but even if you own your home outright, you should still carry some insurance on your home.

Homeowner’s insurance policies vary greatly from one to the next. Some home insurance policies cover some situations while others do not. Using an expert insurance agent is essential in making sure you have all of your assets covered in all possible scenarios.

Our Home Insurance Products in Kirkland

Here are a few of the most common home insurance products that our agency in Kirkland, WA offers:

Home Owners Insurance
Condominium Insurance
Townhome Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Rental and Vacation Home Insurance
Mobile home and RV Insurance
Farm and Ranch Insurance

If you live in Kirkland, you know that you can never depend on the weather. You never know what to expect or to prepare for. That is why having a great home insurance policy is so important. It can help cover the costs of damage from certain covered situations such as fire, windstorm, lighting, hurricanes, tornadoes or even theft. Did you know that many homeowner’s insurance policies come with liability insurance that can help cover the costs of medical or legal fees if there were to be an accidental injury on your property?

The costs of repair or replacement to the structure of your home can really add up and end up costing you thousands of dollars if you do not have coverage or not enough coverage in your policy. It’s a good idea to go through your homeowner’s insurance policy in Kirkland with one of our expert agents that can help you determine how much coverage is enough and where you can save money.

Most people forget that it is also important to insure the items inside the home. Large appliances, furniture, jewelry and electronics can get damaged or stolen. These items can be very expensive to replace and can be covered in a good homeowner’s insurance policy.

Liability Protection for You

Did you know that a homeowner insurance policy can also protect you and your guests from bodily harm? A good policy can cover the costs of medical and legal fees if someone were to get hurt on your property. Most basic policies come with $100,000 worth of coverage, but sometimes that is not enough. Many people who own a pool, a pet, live on the lake or have a trampoline increase their coverage amounts because their risk is higher for injury and accidents.

Speaking with a qualified homeowner’s insurance agent in Kirkland is important if you want to be sure to be covered for all of life’s little surprises. Call our Kirkland office today for a fast free homeowner’s insurance quote!

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